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we are certified according standard ISO9001

High quality together with on-schedule delivery and satisfaction of our customers is a top-priority goal for us, therefore we place a strong emphasis on maintaining and development of our quality management system. Quality of our castings and machined products is ensured by ISO9001 certifications; these certificates guarantee that our engineering production centre and foundry plant observe all manufacturing as well as non-manufacturing procedures in accordance with the given standard.


ISO 9001:2015 (magnesium and aluminium foundry, machinery shop)


The foundry has equipment available for testing of chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Non destructive test

At the customer’s demand we can perform penetrant inspections and pressure testing in accordance with our internal regulations or pursuant to an agreed standard. X-ray inspection of castings is carried out outside the company.


We use calibrated measuring instruments for measuring the machined parts. In cooperation we can ensure measurements on EMMs.