Explat spol. s r.o.
Magnesium and aluminium castings and CNC machining

Welcome to the Explat spol. s r.o. company website! We are a company oriented on casting of high-quality magnesium and aluminium alloy castings and CNC machinig not only of these alloys.

Explat spol. s r.o. company is a pure private property since 1991. At the beginning our company was focused above all on precision chip machining of engineering parts of heavy and lightweight alloys and nonferrous materials and on explosive welding. Since 1997 we started to specialize in CNC machining and welding of magnesium alloys. In 2008 our production capacity was extended by a purchase of a magnesium alloy foundry (electron). Since 2010 a welding supervisor (IWT) has been engaged as a member of the qualified welding personnel. Early in 2011 our machinery work successfully achieved ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certificates. Since 2014 our foundry has extended its manufacturing possibilities by the manufacture of castings of aluminium alloys.

Nowadays our company is focused on the custom-made manufacture. For example we produce components for aircraft piston engines, for optical and laboratory devices and for vibration test equipment. We deal with production of replications and spare parts for old historical cars and production of components for automotive racing industry.

The heart and soul of the Explat spol. s r. o. company are our people. We have a highly skilled team of technologists, workers, designers and managers. All the employees’ and management’s effort leads up to the goal to be a good, reliable and long-term partner to our customers.

AS9100   ISO9001

Certificates ISO 9001 and AS9100
are only for machinery work.

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